Directors - Social Justice

Dominic Barrett is the Executive Director of Shalom Farms and co-chair of the VFSC. He was drawn to the work by a passion for social justice and a belief in the transformative power of food. He came to Shalom Farms from Palmetto Project in Charleston, SC where he ran their statewide Youth, Families and Schools Programs. In addition to providing leadership on a number of local and regional food access initiatives, he served on the Governor’s Transition Council on Agriculture and Forestry. In 2010, Bread for the World recognized Dominic as one of the “the best and brightest young advocates” on issues of hunger.

Lynette Johnson is the Executive Director for the Society of St. Andrew (SoSA).  SoSA is the premier field gleaning organization in the nation. Each year SoSA saves and distributes 20-30 million pounds of fresh produce to feed the hungry in America. All of this produce is perfectly good to eat, it simply isn’t perfect enough for grocery stores or is excess to market needs. This highly nutritious excess bounty is distributed to vital feeding programs all across the country. SoSA also engages over 30,000 volunteers each year in its hunger relief programs. SoSA works with farmers and produce distribution facilities all across the Comonwealth of VA and the nation to save fresh produce of all types. Through good stewardship of all resources, SoSA is able to provide nutritious fresh produce to the hungry at a cost of just 7 cents per pound while keeping total overhead costs down to about 4%. Founded and headquartered in Big Island, VA, SoSA has been successful for more than 36 years.