Network Development

The VFSC Network Development Work Group believes that better connections provides better opportunities.  The Network Development Work Group strives to enhance connections among food councils and other food groups in Virginia, and to bridge connections with larger regional networks.  Our goal is to catalyze connections so that collaborative action can happen when it makes sense, while maintaining individual group autonomy.  The Network Development Work Group strives to facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources (including serving as a fiscal agent) to strengthen the Commonwealth’s and the regional (multi-state) food system.

Cultivate, Catalyze, Connect attendees


  • Identify, assess, and support common goals while maintaining group autonomy.  
  • Improve communication among food groups.
  • Collaborate on projects and initiatives that advance sustainable and just food systems throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Network with regional (multi-state) food system efforts
  • Fostering the growth of emerging and existing local food groups by sharing resources and serving as a fiscal agent.  

Cultivate, Catalyze, Connect: A Gathering of Virginia Food System Councils & Networks

In October 2016 the Virginia Food System Council hosted Cultivate, Catalyze, Connect: A Gathering of Virginia Food System Councils & Networks in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. Discussions focused on:

  • What should be done in Virginia’s food system?

  • What would the impact of a statewide network be?

  • What is the role of the VFSC?

  • Who should be involved?

Network development work is ongoing, and you can learn more about this meeting and available resources here

Cultivate, Catalyze, Connect meeting notes

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