Virginia Farm to Table

Virginia Farm to Table is an initiative and program to promote and develop healthy farms and healthy food for the common wealth and common good of all Virginians.

This initiative and program is a collaborative effort of Virginia Cooperative ExtensionVirginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life SciencesVirginia State UniversityUniversity of Virginia, the Virginia Food System Council and partner organizations, for  strengthening Virginia’s economic future and food system from the farm to the table. Learn more about the Virginia Farm to Table Project at

The Virginia Farm to Table Report

The initiative is supported by research done in 2011 to assess Virginia’s food system needs which resulted in the publication of the Virginia Farm to Table Report which is helping the Virginia Food System Council  identify gaps and next steps for enhancing Virginia’s food system.

Based on the assessment, the Virginia Food System Council is pursuing the following actions:

  1. Launch the $10 a Week Campaign to encourage Virginians to grow Virginia’s economy by pledging to spend at least $10/week on local food..
  2. Create an expanded website with resources that highlight all aspects of Virginia’s food system in order to educate consumers, policy makers, distributors, packers, farmers, teachers, etc.  If you would like to include your organization or resources, please fill out our contact form.
  3. Develop a more comprehensive list of food aggregation organizations and businesses in Virginia.  The closest resources Virginia has of this type are the:
  4. Develop a Legal Guide to Farming in Virginia. (link coming).