Promote the Pledge

Ten Ways You Can Help Promote the $10 a week challenge.

  1. Encourage your local food group members to go online and Take the Pledge.
  2. Share the link to the $10 a week challenge website through your email networks
  3. Share the $10 a week challenge press release through your email networks
  4. Follow and “Like” the Virginia Food System Council on Facebook
  5. Use your social networks to encourage your friends to pledge $10 a week
  6. Share the press release and website with your region’s economic development offices and encourage them to distribute in their e-newsletters
  7. Promote the $10 a week campaign in your printed and online local food directories with our outreach materials.
  8. Encourage your county offices to promote the challenge and pledge support of the campaign
  9. Print out the outreach materials we have posted in our $10 a week toolkit and display at your area farmers markets, grocers, restaurants, etc.
  10. Write about the $10 a week challenge in your local paper’s editorial section.