Find Local Food

A listing of the multitude of ways to access local food and a link directory to find local food vendors in your region of Virginia.

Legal & Food Policy Resources

Reports and resources from institutions and state organizations on legal and food policy issues and practices.

Virginia Food System Plans

Various plans from localities across the state as well as links to resources to help localities and groups develop a food system plan. 

Virginia Food Access Network

Created by Bridging the Nutritional Divide, VFAN focuses on "bringing together state agencies, national, regional, and local nonprofits, local governments, schools, and private businesses with data sharing, research, and resources."

VFSC Reports

A collection of reports published by the VFSC and by other Virginia local agriculture working groups and enterprises.


A list of annual and on-going grant opportunities.


Facts and information about how local food creates jobs and boosts the economy, promotes health and wellbeing, and supports a healthy environment with thriving communities.

Other Resources

A listing of national and state reports and data around local food, food insecurity, and other topics.