Spread the Pledge

Calling All Virginia Local Food Groups and Individuals

The Virginia Food System Council needs help from all local food advocates across Virginia to promote the $10-a- Week Eat Local, Buy Local Challenge.  Find resources in our $10 a week Challenge Toolkit or contact us.

10 Ways You Can Help Promote the $10 a week challenge.

  1. Encourage your local food group members to go online and pledge support
  2. Share the link to the $10 a week challenge website through your email networks
  3. Share the $10 a week challenge press release through your email networks
  4. Follow and “Like” the Virginia Food System Council on Facebook
  5. Use your social networks to encourage your friends to pledge $10 a week
  6. Share the press release and website with your region’s economic development offices and encourage them to distribute in their e-newsletters
  7. Promote the $10 a week campaign in your printed and online local food directories
  8. Encourage your county offices to promote the challenge and pledge support of the campaign
  9. Print out the $10 a week challenge poster and display at your area farmers markets, grocers, restaurants, etc.
  10. Write about the $10 a week challenge in your local paper’s editorial section.