Statewide & National Directories

You can also use statewide and nationally-based search engines to find local foods:

  • Buy Fresh, Buy Local: You can search this website for dairy, eggs, meat, poultry, seafood, produce, and wine, as well as by category (Catering, CSA’s, Farmers’ Markets, Grocers/Co-ops, Orchards, Restaurants/Bakeries, Specialty Products and U-Pick).
  • Virginia Grown: Search by region for CSAs, Specialty Products, Organic Foods, Farms, Pick Your Own Farms, Farmer’s Markets and more using the sidebar dropdown menu and then by zip code. OR click on the Virginia Grown link in the sidebar and pick a product.
  • Local Harvest : This site has a map that links you to Farms, CSA’s, Farmer’s Markets, Restaurants, Grocers/Co-ops, Wholesale Markets, Meat Processors and other local food providers, including a product search.
  • The Eat Well Guide: Find local sustainable food and products by searching this guide. Search by keyword, zip code, city or state.
  • Foodwaze: This site provides a guide for consumers looking to eat at businesses that source and sell “real, regenerative food”.
  • Local Dirt: An online tool and app for consumers to find and buy local foods and farmers to sell their produce.
  • Eat Wild: A directory of meat and dairy farmers across the U.S.