Farm to Institution Resources


Farm to Institution New York State (FINYS) links community organizations, agencies, farmers, processors, distributors and buyers to provide high quality, local food to schools, colleges, hospitals, senior centers, and other residential settings.

Michigan Farm to Institution Network is a collaborative organization seeking to get more local foods to institutions and meeting the 20% Michigan foods to institutions by 2020 goal.

Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions: A Resource Guide for Farm to Institution Programs

Virginia Produce Availability

Farm to Institution Recipes developed by Farm to Institution New England

USDA Know Your Farmer Know Your Food: Farm to Institution Initiatives

A new report by the USDA and Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Harvesting Opportunity: The Power of Regional Food System Investments to Transform Communities, has a chapter entitled “Institutions: An Emerging Market for Local and Regional Foods

Healthcare and Hospitals

Assessing the Impacts of Local Hospital Food Procurement: Results from Vermont

Healthcare Without Harm is an organization leading the charge to reduce the environmental footprint of the health sector.

New England Healthy Food in Healthcare: Leading the Charge to a Healthy, Sustainable Food System

The Chesapeake Foodshed Network hosted a Farm to Hospital webinarin partnership with Healthcare Without Harm and the Virginia Food System Council

Farm to School

National Farm to School Network is working towards changing education and food purchasing practices at schools across the country.

Virginia Farm to School Resource Guide: Helping Connect Virginia Foods to Virginia Schools

Joint Resolution Establishing Virginia Farm to School Week

Local foods finding their way into many Va. school cafeterias

State Farm to School Legislative Survey: 2002-2014

The Benefits of Farm to School Fact Sheet

DC Greens: A Guide to Purchasing and Serving Local Foods in Schools

Chesapeake Foodshed Network: Moving Toward Local Scratch-Cooked School Food (Webinar)

A Roadmap for Farm to Early Care and Education: A guide to understanding farm to school opportunities in early care and education settings

National Farm to School Network Resource Database

Farm to Elder Care

Farm-to-Table Dining Hits the Retirement Home featuring the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community based in Harrisonburg.


Farm to Institution New England (FINE) Report “Getting it There: Understanding the Role of New England Food Distributors in Providing Local Food to Institutions

Chesapeake Foodshed Network: Regional Farm to Institution Insights: Learning from Stakeholders Across the Value Chain (Webinar)


Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy published conducted a producer survey and published a report, “Building Minnesota’s Farm to Institution Markets” in 2015.

Hospital Food Purchasing: A Primer for North Central Region Sustainable Farmers/Producers

IATP’s Farm to Institutions: A Producer’s Perspective

FINE’S Producer Perspectives: The New England Farm-to-Institution Market

Massachusetts Farm to School Project developed a guide, Does It Make $en$e For Your Farm: Selling to Schools and Institutional Customers

Food Safety

Other Articles

Lessons Learned: Selling to Sodexo at the University of Vermont

Why Farm-to-Institution Sourcing is the Sleeping Giant of Local Food

Farm to Institution: Creating Access to Healthy Local and Regional Foods